Energy Storage

Orion Italia Energy Storage division offers a wide range of industrial batteries in Nickel Cadmium, Flooded and Gel. Designed to be installed in banks, our solutions will satisfy the most demanding applications.
Our technical department will help you in the design and selection of the model and technology depending on the application requested.

Nickel Cadmium

Orion Italia  offers conventional Ni-Cd  batteries and our engineers will lead you in the selection of the best suited for the application required.
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Gel Batteries

Flat or tubular plates (blocs and DIN 40742 OPzV cells). These batteries are non-spillable, excellent for deep discharges and cycling applications as well as resistant to high temperatures.

Flooded Batteries

Traditional flooded batteries are robust and highly reliable. They guarantee a long design life and excellent cycling performances. The internal state of
the battery can be easily verified tdue to the transparent container.

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