Protection Relays

Orion Italia designs and produces protection relays for the switchgear industry and delivers worldwide service and assistance through our network of distributors.  Our range of products serves Medium & Low voltage applications on Feeders located in the the energy distribution field. Our Temperature Protection Relays control Cast Resin Power Transformers’ excess temperature in order to avoid overheating.Our fields of applications include: oil&gas industry, processing plants, mining, food and beverage, commercial buildings, pulp and paper, water and wastewater, local power utilities.

Phase Overcurrent & earth fault relay IPR-A


Our feeder protection range of products is designed with simplicity in mind. This line of products is ready for the actual requirements on the electrical distribution networks.



This line of products is designed with the logics of pre-fault and post fault of the mains. The logics will cover the different conditions of fault to protect the loads.

Motor Protection Relay DMP


This range of products has been designed for the protection and management of all sized motors at cost & space savings avoiding down time for nuisance tripping.



This range of products is used as the first line of protection on insulation loss of conductors. It avoids unnecessary stops on production lines due to cable and motor insulation problems.
With the display be aware of the level of currents flowing to ground to program maintenance stops before the damage becomes a problem, this is the best solution to your earth leakage protection needs.


Temperature control & Protection Relay TR-42


This range of products ensures temperature control wherever is needed with industrial grade electronics. This product covers the needs of Cast Resin power transformers for over temperature conditions and cooling system.
Well designed with simple programming tools that help finish the job in no time, it is one of our product range milestones, serving our customers for over 20 years.

Line Analyzer EVAR


The EVAR family of line analyzers has be designed to monitor the systems energy efficiency while featuring also the reliability of a protection relay. The application fields are several: Electrical variable analyzing of feeders, capacitor banks, transformer, generators and motors; medium and low voltage 3 phase systems in commercail sites, industrial facilities and utilities. Power quality analysis. Flexible control for demand load shedding, power factor, etc.

Current Transformer


Metering and protection current transformers, transducers and sensors for indoor and outdoor applications.

Our R&D consists of specialized senior and junior electrical and electrotechnical engineers, as well as software programmers, hardware developers and highly experienced technicians.
For the development of our brand products we analyze the appropriate materials and most updated components promptly facing the demands of the market and anticipating our customers’ needs: competitive research, cost efficient industrialization of innovative products and enhancement of the production quality levels.
This team also supports all phases of special projects and procurement, helping our buyers and sales managers to find the best suppliers for our customers’ specific needs.

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